Entrepreneurship at NUST: Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) in Pakistan

Hall C April 30, 2016 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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Entreprenuership at NUST: From world class education to Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) in Pakistan
Putting Higher Education in context

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), today occupies a distinct position in the higher education framework of Pakistan. NUST is a comprehensive, research-led university with a focus on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Community Service. The university is ranked amongst the top 340 universities of the world in the field of Engineering & Technology and amongst Asian universities; it stands amongst the top 120 universities. As per the recent QS Ranking 2015, NUST is ranked amongst the top 100 World Universities under the age of 50. Established in 1991, the university envisages exploring and initiating undergraduate/graduate and doctoral education in the emerging disciplines of science and technology. NUST currently has as many as 19 schools and colleges, offering 57 undergraduate, 41 Masters and PhD programs.

NUST strives to deliver high-quality education to all sections of Pakistani society by creating an enabling environment that would unleash the extraordinary power of knowledge and wisdom for the well-being of our youth and nation.

NUST also houses Pakistan’s first Academia-based Incubation Center, known as the Technology Incubation Centre (TIC), established in 2005. The TIC houses approximately 30 tech startups and has graduated around 15 companies. The annual revenue of these incubates/SMEs has crossed USD 2.5 Million and direct employment has been generated for over 500 knowledge workers.

To know more about Entrepreneurial spirit at NUST and the impact that the university strives to achieve by increasing higher education penetration in Pakistan, join them in this session and listen to their stories of hope, initiative, and opportunities.

NUST will present its vision to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Pakistan by providing world class education and experience to the best brains of Pakistan. NUST will introduce 3-4 of their incubated startups. One or two of these startups will be selected to present at the Entrepreneurial Idol panel. To get more details visit NUST at OPEN Silicon Valley.

Muhammad Asghar

Muhammad Asghar

Rector, NUST

Shiraz Bashir

Shiraz Bashir

Co-founder & VP, CSAA-NUST

Ashar Aziz

Ashar Aziz

Founder, FireEye

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